The Brief

December 2016

Design an electrically powered heater to be used in homes as auxiliary heating to provide localised, per room heating during days of low temperatures. It may be used by people who don’t want to heat the whole house during winter or the elderly who are particularly perceptible to colder temperatures to help maintain a warm living space.

Thermometre Close Up Circles

Design Overview

The design of Thermo|Metre was inspired by a thermometre with a tall slender body and a bulbous base. Cool air is drawn in through the perforations around the base and warm air exhausted from the grill.

The heater is controlled via a simple interface on the top of the unit. A press changes between each setting and a twist of the dial adjusts the setting as desired.

Thermometre Cross Section Heater Internals


The bulk of Thermometre's components are located in the base. This results in a very stable product.

It uses an array of PTC ceramic heating elements which provide efficient heating at stable temperatures to prevent a burning smell during use.

The base also features a motor to pivot the heater and distribute heat evenly across the room.

Thermometre Design Hero Image