Soldering Gun

The Brief

January 2019

Design a soldering gun for an existing tool brand which fits in with their brand language and breaks away from the uninspiring designs of existing products.

  • Soldering Gun Design Concept 1
  • Soldering Gun Design Concept 2
  • Soldering Gun Design Concept 3


3 distinct concept directions were produced, each with unique features and innovations to existing products.

Concept 3 was taken forward but with the idea of integrating in the LED work light from concept 2.

Soldering Gun 3D Printed Models


3D Printed rapid prototpyes were used extensively in the design development stage. Adjustments to the shape and proportions were considered both on paper and with models to assess the fit and feel.

Soldering Gun Design Hero Image

Final Design

The soldering gun features a unique quick release mechanism which means the element can be swapped out with one twist rather than needing to unscrew each end.

Bi-injection moulded TPE gives the product a strikign contrast and highlights the elements of the design which you interact with.

The rear face of the soldering gun is level with the handle which means it can be set down on a surface, keeping the heating element away.

  • Soldering Gun Design Close Up Trigger
  • Soldering Gun Design Close Up Grip
  • Soldering Gun Design Close Up LED
  • Soldering Gun Design Close Up Air Vent
  • Soldering Gun GA Drawing Sheet 1
  • Soldering Gun GA Drawing Sheet 2

Designed for Manufacture

The soldering gun has been designed for injection moulding with locating pins, hardware bosses and a uniform wall thickness.

The casing is formed of two bi-injection moulded halves which assemble with three screws.

Snap fits secure the front cap and rear cover into place.

Soldering Gun Design Working Proto
Soldering Gun Design Hero Image

Design Validation

The final injection mouldable parts were 3D Printed to test their fit.

Internal components from a donor soldering gun were combined with the 3D printed parts to produce a fully working prototype as well.

Soldering Gun Working Proto Handheld