The Brief

May 2013

As part of my GCSE Product Design course, I had to design and make a speaker. Having dogs, I decided to come up with a dog-shaped design.

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Photos of my design being made


The enclosure was constructed by screwing MDF panels into a pair of laser cut playwood sheets in the shape of a dog. This made it very quick and easy to construct the shape of the unit accurately.

The corners were then cut off and rounded before being finished off with abrasive paper for a smooth finish ready to paint. The enclosure was then spray painted a gloss white, ready to be fitted with internals and the acrylic panels.

Frosted acrylic panels were laser cut and fixed to the enclosure with silicone sealant, LEDs were added to the removable back panel and the electronics were installed.

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Photos of my the finished design


As well as plugging it into the wall, the speaker has an inbuilt Lithium Ion battery.

It features a 30 pin dock connector to charge and play music from an iPod or iPhone.