Coffee & Cake

The Brief

May 2018

Design a mug and cake fork set for Lark Hill Retirement Village in Nottingham for residents and their guests to use in the cafe.

Designing for Inclusivity

When you include the extremes of everybody, that's to say differently abled people of all sorts, then you produce things that are better for all of us.

Michael Wolff
Research Mind Map


A focus group with residents of the retirement village allowed me to understand how they interact with current products and potential areas for improvemnt. Through contextual observations, interviews and artefact walkthroughs, a set of user requirements were identified.

Mug and Cake Fork 3D Printed Prototypes
Selection of 3D printed prototypes for user testing


The use of prototyping was key to gain valuable user input on the design of the mug and fork. The use of 3D modellign and printing allowed for residents to interact with accurate representations of the designs, providing feedback on what worked for them.

  • Coffee Mug and Cake Fork Design Slide 1
  • Coffee Mug and Cake Fork Design Slide 2
  • Coffee Mug and Cake Fork Design Slide 3

Final Design

The mug features a tapered design with a narrow rim to reduce heat loss and a wide base for stability. A round and open handle aids grip, especially for those with arthritis who struggle to independantly constrict their fingers.

The cake fork features a wider cutting edge on both sides for ambidextrous use. The tapered tines raise the handle away from the table surface to improve comfort whilst an indentation on the round handle allows for greater purchase on the grip.